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If you are currently enrolled in a payment plan and paying at least your previously agreed to minimum payment amount, this message does not pertain to you.  If you are NOT CURRENTLY ENROLLED in a payment plan and you are not paying the balance in full at this time, please call 614-866-0006 locally or 1-866-729-6847 out of area to make payment arrangements.  If not, your account may be placed with a collection agency.  

Please enter only the numbers of your account, as shown on your statement, to make payments.  Please do not enter any letters.

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If payment has already been made to this account today, the maximum amount that can be paid is listed.  Note: the minimum amount you can pay by credit card online is $15.00.  Please call our Business Office at 614-866-0006 locally or 1-866-729-6847 out of area if you have any questions.  Thanks.
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